About us

My project, my mission…

Life is an incredible gift and a splendid promise. One has to learn how to embrace it. Every single being is unique and irreplaceable. From each human face , beams an unpossessable transcendence that wraps us up and glows within (Henri Maldiney).

Something in a light, in a flower, in a person strikes us with its enigmatic beauty, dazzles and mesmerizes. This is about authentic beauty, the one that expresses itself through its integrity, simplicity, stillness, felicity. It’s an invitation to celebrate.

It’s my attempt to pick up that splendid sparkle of life that soars from the deepest part of each being and that reaches out to that mysterious togetherness of all things. With the quivering desire to reach out beyond, to the fullness of life and catch this fugitive awareness, knowing that real light always comes from the heart.

My conception of art is missionary. Gratuity - as lack of thought - doesn’t exist. The aim is to fulfill the eye and the heart (and who says heart, thinks soul). An image should express, raise high, delight, move and disturb. If not, it shrinks into some delicious vanity and becomes meaningless.


was born in Antwerp (Belgium). As a student in Roman philology at the University Saint-Ignatius, I joined the Flemish student union of young opera friends created by Gerard Mortier while he was director at the Royal Theatre La Monnaie in Brussels and who was later to be replaced by Bernard Foccroulle. I further studied for a masters degree in performing arts at the University Paris X Nanterre and became assistant to the Swiss-German theatre and opera director, Luc Bondy for several years on the international stage.

I discovered photography as a teenager. In parallel with my job as an assistant I started to work as a theatre photographer, driven by the German photographer Ruth Walz. Alongside this, I studied privately on my own and followed several photography courses and workshops. Occasionally I worked as an assistant on publicity campaigns. In 2020, I created my portrait studio for children and adults.